Affordable High School Science Kits for Independent Learners

The Home Scientist, LLC offers proven science curricula and kits that make it easy and affordable to teach high school science lab courses at home. THS science kits are designed to provide a rigorous, comprehensive laboratory component that can be used with nearly any high school science text, at the standard, honors, or advanced level. We recognize that teaching high school science courses at home can be challenging, both in terms of cost and difficulty. Our kits address both of those issues. Compare the scope, contents, and prices of our kits with competing kits, and we think you'll find that our kits are the hands-down winners in terms of bang for the buck. Each of our kits provides enough labs for a lab-intensive full-year course. Our kits include complete, detailed instructions, as well as answers to the review questions at the end of each lab session. Even if you've never taught a science lab course before, we think you'll find it surprisingly easy to do so with our kits. 



Every THS science kit is designed with the following goals:

  • Affordability - Even the best kit is useless if it's beyond your budget. We work hard to keep our kits as affordable as possible.
  • Value - Kits include sufficient materials to allow each experiment to be done multiple times, allowing the kit to be shared among several students during one school year or re-used in subsequent school years. We don't nickel-and-dime you to death, either. For example, if you need more manuals for additional students in a work group, you don't have to buy them. All of our manuals are freely downloadable. 
  • Comprehensive scope - Our kits cover a very broad range of topics in their subject areas, and provide experiments for all major topics typically treated in that course. For example, our first-year chemistry kits provide 39 lab sessions that cover 14 major topics: separating mixtures, solubility and solutions, chemical reactions and stoichiometry, reduction-oxidation (redox) reactions, acid-base chemistry, chemical kinetics, chemical equilibrium, gas chemistry, thermochemistry, electrochemistry, photochemistry, colloids and suspensions, analytical chemistry, and synthetic (organic) chemistry. In most cases, topic areas include multiple lab sessions, which means you can pick and choose those most suitable for your needs and cover each topic in more or less depth according to your own preferences and the needs of your student. 
  • Scientific rigor - We make no compromises in the science. Each topic is covered at a level appropriate to the course level. Students are frequently asked to propose explanations that require analytical thinking and may require additional research. They have the opportunity to explore subjects in more depth by doing optional procedures, and are challenged to analyze and explain unexpected results. 
  • Ease of use - Our kits are designed to minimize set-up and clean-up time. All you need is a table, counter, or other work surface. To run an experiment, simply gather any household items needed, choose the kit items you need, and do the experiment. Clean up is a simple matter of washing off the equipment in the kitchen sink. 

 Our Biology, Chemistry, and Forensic kits will challenge your students while giving them a great learning experience.