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FK01 series Forensic Science Laboratory Kits

Download a full PDF copy of Illustrated Guide to Home Forensic Science Experiments

The FK01-series Forensic Science Laboratory Kits are the companion kits for our book, Illustrated Guide to Home Forensic Science Experiments: All Lab, No Lecture. FK01 kits are currently in stock and available for immediate shipping. Orders received by 10:00 a.m. eastern time on any business day normally ship that day. Orders received after 10:00 a.m. normally ship the following business day. We ship to street addresses and PO boxes in all 50 states via USPS Priority Mail, with typical delivery times of 1 to 3 business days. No international sales.

Note: As of 1 June 2013, we are no longer able to accept orders for delivery to APO/FPO addresses. Sorry.

We use PayPal to do our credit card processing securely. You can order kits via PayPal using any major credit card. Sales tax at 6.75% is added automatically for products shipped to North Carolina addresses. No international sales. Hazardous material shipping regulations and the nature of the kits make it impossible for us to accept returns, so please be certain you want the kit before you order it. All sales are final.

If you have questions before ordering, please email us at: support (at) thehomescientist dot com.

To order one kit, click the Add to Cart icon. To order more than one kit, click the Add to Cart button and then update the quantity in the shopping cart before submitting the order.

FK01A Core Forensic Science Kit, $165:
FK01B Forensic Science Kit Supplement 1 (requires FK01A), $51:
FK01C Forensic Science Kit Supplement 2 (requires FK01A), $79:

About the FK01-series Forensic Science Kits

From August 2012 through mid-March 2013, we sold the FK01 Forensic Science Kit, a consolidated kit that included all of the components listed on this page. During that period, we received numerous queries from homeschool parents asking us to offer a simpler, less expensive forensics kit.

So we decided to break up the consolidated FK01 kit into three kits: the FK01A Core Forensic Science Kit and two supplemental kits.

FK01A Core Forensic Science Kit

Other than a microscope (required), balance (optional), and inexpensive spectroscope (optional), the FK01A Core Forensic Science Kit provides the specialized chemicals, equipment, and specimens needed to complete the lab sessions in the following groups:

        - Group I: Soil Analysis
        - Group II: Hair and Fiber Analysis
        - Group III: Glass and Plastic Analysis
        - Group IV: Revealing Latent Fingerprints
        - Group V: Detecting Blood
        - Group VI: Impression Analysis

The FK01A kit contains the following chemicals, equipment, and other materials:

□ Ascorbic acid tablets
□ Alligator clip leads (2, black and red)
□ Beaker, 100 mL, PP
□ Beaker, 250 mL, glass
□ Blood, synthetic1
□ Bottle, sprayer
□ Cartridge case, brass, fired
□ Centrifuge tubes, 1.5 mL micro
□ Centrifuge tubes, 15 mL
□ Centrifuge tubes, 50 mL
□ Chromatography paper
□ Cylinder, graduated, PP, 10 mL
□ Cylinder, graduated, PP, 100 mL
□ Fabric specimens A, B, C, D, and E
□ Filters, plane-Polarizing (2)
□ Fingerprint brush
□ Fingerprint powder, black
□ Fingerprint powder, white
□ Forceps
□ Gentian violet solution, 0.1% aqueous
□ Glycerol
□ Goggles, chemical splash (w/ cap vents)
□ Hydrochloric acid, 6.0 M
□ Inoculating loop, nichrome
□ Iodine crystals
□ Kastle-Meyer reagent
□ Magnifier
□ Mesh, fiberglass
□ Modeling clay
□ Molybdate reagent
□ Ninhydrin powder
□ Oil, cassia
□ Oil, olive
□ Phosphate extraction reagent, concentrate
□ Phosphate standard, 1000 ppm phosphate
□ Pipettes, PE, thin
□ Reaction plate, 24-well
□ Ruler, 6”/150mm
□ Scalpel
□ Slide cover slips
□ Slide, cross-sectioning
□ Slide, deep cavity (3mm thick)
□ Slide, flat
□ Sodium dithionite
□ Spatula, stainless, 4”, flat/spoon
□ Spectroscopy questioned soil
□ Spot plate, 12-well
□ Stirring rod, 6” x 5mm
□ Stoppers
□ Teasing needle, bent
□ Teasing needle, straight
□ Test tube brush
□ Test tube clamp
□ Test tube rack, 12-position
□ Test tubes, glass
□ Testfabrics Multifiber Fabric #43
□ Testfabrics TIS #1 dye
□ Testfabrics TIS #3A dye
□ Zinc chloride reagent

FK01B Forensic Science Kit Supplement 1

The FK01B Forensic Science Kit Supplement 1 requires the equipment and chemicals included in the Core kit. It provides the additional specialized chemicals and specimens to complete the lab sessions in the following groups::

        - Group VII: Forensic Drug Testing
        - Group VIII: Forensic Toxicology

The FK01B kit contains the following chemicals and specimens:

□ Acetaminophen
□ Aspirin
□ Caffeine
□ Chlorpheniramine
□ Chromatography questioned
□ Copper(II) sulfate solution
□ Diphenhydramine
□ Dragendorff's reagent A (HCl + bismuth)2
□ Dragendorff's reagent B (5% m/v KI)2
□ Drug testing questioned A
□ Drug testing questioned B
□ Ibuprofen
□ Iodine/iodide solution, 0.1 M
□ Mandelin reagent
□ Marquis reagent
□ Poppy seeds
□ Salicylate reagent
□ Salicylate standard solution, 500 mg/dL
□ Scott reagent
□ Sodium carbonate, 1.0 M
□ Starch indicator solution

Note: We package the FK01B kit as a separate item because we've had numerous requests from homeschool parents who didn't want drug testing functions in the kit. Also, in some jurisdictions it's illegal for individuals to possess these drug testing reagents. Please verify that you will not be violating any local or state laws or regulations by possessing this kit before you order this kit.

FK01B Forensic Science Kit Supplement 2

The FK01C Forensic Science Kit Supplement 2 requires the equipment and chemicals included in the Core kit. It provides the additional specialized chemicals and specimens to complete the lab sessions in the following groups::

        - Group IX: Gunshot and Explosive Residues Analysis
        - Group X: Detecting Altered and Forged Documents
        - Group XI: Forensic Biology

The FK01C kit contains the following chemicals and specimens:

□ Agar powder, 10 g
□ Buffer, DNA loading, 6X concentrate
□ Buffer, DNA running, 20X concentrate
□ Chlorate known
□ Diphenylamine reagent
□ Herzberg's stain
□ Hydrogen peroxide, 30%
□ Iodide/Glycerol reagent
□ Jenk's stain
□ Lead nitrate, 0.1% (nitrate known)
□ Meat Tenderizer (papain-based)
□ Methylene blue reagent, part A
□ Methylene blue reagent, part B
□ Methylene Blue, 1% aqueous
□ Modified Griess reagent, part A
□ Modified Griess reagent, part B
□ Perchlorate known
□ Sodium nitrite, 1% w/v

1 The book lists synthetic blood as being provided with the FK01 Forensic Science Kit. We tested several formulations of non-biological synthetic blood and were dissatisfied with the long-term stability and reproducibility of all of them. Accordingly, we've included a small supply of biological synthetic blood, which is a suspension of beef liver in glycerol and isopropanol. However, for best results we strongly recommend substituting a source of fresh real blood from a local source. One good option is the "juice" available from fresh raw meat, which is typically equivalent to about 5% whole blood. You can modify the dilutions accordingly.

2 The book lists Dragendorff's reagent as being provided with the FK01 Forensic Science Kit. Kits manufactured through January 2013 included a 30 mL bottle of Dragendorff's reagent. Kits manufactured from January 2013 include a bottle with 10 mL of Dragendorff's reagent A and a second bottle with 20 mL of Dragendorff's reagent B. To make up Dragendorff's reagent from parts A and B, combine one part A with two parts B. You can, for example, mix 1 mL of A with 2 mL of B to make up 3 mL of Dragendorff's reagent working solution, or you can simply pour the contents of the Dragendorff's reagent A into the bottle of Dragendorff's reagent B.

We took this action to extend the cosmetic shelf life of the Dragendorff's reagent. Even unopened, the pre-mixed Dragendorff's reagent included in earlier kits may darken to a dark yellow-brown color rather than the deep golden yellow color of the freshly-mixed reagent. This change is cosmetic only. We have verified that the darkened reagent still functions exactly the same as freshly-mixed reagent, and is just as sensitive.

Please note that many of the materials included in the FK01 kits are hazardous if handled or used improperly. Before opening or using the kit, please take the time to read the Material Safety Data Sheets, and observe all recommended precautions and safety measures while using the kit.

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