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CK01B Standard Home School Chemistry Laboratory Kit

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Download the full CK01B Manual

CK01B kits are currently in stock and available for immediate shipping. Orders received by 5:00 p.m. eastern time on any business day normally ship the following business day. Orders received after 5:00 p.m. may ship the following business day but normally ship the day after. We ship to street addresses and PO boxes in all 50 states via USPS Priority Mail, with typical delivery times of 1 to 3 business days. Kit prices include shipping. No international sales.

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If you have questions before ordering, please email us at: support (at) thehomescientist dot com. To order one kit, click the Add to Cart button. To order more than one kit, click the Add to Cart button and then update the quantity in the shopping cart before submitting the order.

CK01B Chemistry Kit, $153:
CK01B-RK Chemistry Refill Kit (chemicals only), $120:

About the CK01B Chemistry Kit

Our flagship CK01A Chemistry Kit is designed to provide a rigorous, comprehensive laboratory component for an honors first-year high school chemistry course. It is intended primarily for students who plan to go on to major in college in science, engineering, or pre-med. But we've received many queries from homeschool parents asking us to put together a simpler, less expensive, less time-consuming chemistry kit that would still provide the hands-on lab experience needed for a high school lab science credit. We designed the CK01B Chemistry Kit to meet all of those goals.

CK01B Kit image

The CK01B Chemistry Kit provides 31 chemistry lab sessions in 13 topic areas. Many of these lab sessions are similar or identical to the corresponding lab sessions in the CK01A kit, but some are modified or simplified to keep costs down and/or to reduce the time needed to complete the session.

Topic A. Separating Mixtures

Session A-1: Recrystallization
Session A-2: Chromatography

Topic B. Solubility and Solutions

Session B-1: Solubility as a Function of Temperature
Session B-2: Conductance of Ionic and Molecular Solutes
Session B-3: Colligative Properties of Solutions: Freezing Point Depression

Topic C. Chemical Reactions and Stoichiometry

Session C-1:  Observe a Composition Reaction
Session C-2:  Observe a Decomposition Reaction
Session C-3:  Observe a Single Replacement Reaction
Session C-4:  Observe Double Replacement Reactions
Session C-5:  Stoichiometry of Double Displacement Reactions

Topic D. Reduction-Oxidation (Redox) Reactions

Session D-1: Observe Oxidation States of Manganese

Topic E. Acid-Base Chemistry

Session E-1: Determine the Effect of Concentration on pH and the pH of Household Materials
Session E-2: Determine the Molarity of Vinegar by Titration

Topic F. Chemical Kinetics

Session F-1: Determining the Effect of Temperature, Concentration, and Surface Area on Reaction Rates
Session F-2: Determining a Reaction Order

Topic G. Chemical Equilibrium

Session G-1: Observe Le Châtelier's Principle in Action
Session G-2: Determine a Solubility Product Constant
Session G-3: Observe the Characteristics of a Buffer Solution

Topic H. Gas Chemistry

Session H-1: Observe the Pressure-Volume Relationship of Gases (Boyle's Law)
Session H-2: Observe the Volume-Temperature Relationship of Gases (Charles' Law)

Topic I. Thermochemistry

Session I-1: Determine Heat of Solution
Session I-2: Determine Heat of Fusion of Ice
Session I-3: Determine the Specific Heat of a Metal
Session I-4: Determine the Enthalpy Change of a Reaction

Topic J. Electrochemistry

Session J-1: Observe Electrolysis
Session J-2: Observe the Electrochemical Oxidation of Iron
Session J-3: Measure Electrode Potentials

Topic K. Photochemistry

Session K-1: Photochemical Reaction of Iodine and Oxalate

Topic L. Colloids and Suspensions

Session L-1: Observe Some Properties of Colloids and Suspensions

Topic M. Analytical Chemistry

Session M-1. Determine Vitamin C Concentration in Urine
Session M-2: Detect Lead in Household Materials

Note: Several of the CK01B experiments require a digital multimeter (DMM). If you don't have a DMM and can't borrow one from a family member or friend, suitable models are available at home improvement centers, Harbor Freight, and similar vendors for as little as $5 to $8.

The CK01B kits include a complete PDF manual. You do not need the Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments book to use this kit.

Kit Contents

The CK01B kits contain all of the following items. The CK01B-RK kits contain only those items listed under Chemicals and Consumables.

Chemicals and Consumables

Acetic acid, 6 M (30 mL)
Ammonia, 6 M (15 mL)
Ascorbic acid, 500 mg (5 tablets)
Barium nitrate, 0.1 M (15 mL)
Bromothymol blue, 0.1% (15 mL)
Calcium nitrate, 0.1 M (15 mL)
Chromatography paper (8.5x11” sheet)
Cobalt chloride test paper (~35 sq cm)
Copper wire (~ 10 cm)
Copper(II) sulfate, 1.0 M (30 mL)
Cotton balls (small supply)
Cotton swabs (small supply)
Hydrochloric acid, 6.0 M (30 mL)
Iodine/iodide solution, 0.1 M (30 mL)
Iron nail (1)
Iron wool (small supply)
Lead(II) acetate, 0.1 M (30 mL)
Magnesium strip (~ 10 cm)
Magnesium sulfate (~ 25 g)
Oxalic acid, 0.5 M (30 mL)
Phenolphthalein, 1% IPA (15 mL)
Potassium dichromate, 0.1 M (15 mL)
Potassium ferricyanide, 0.1 M (15 mL)
Potassium iodide, 0.1 M (15 mL)
Potassium permanganate, 0.1 M (30 mL)
Sodium bicarbonate, 650 mg (~ 20 tablets)
Sodium bisulfite, 1.0 M (15 mL)
Sodium hydroxide, 6.0 M (30 mL)
Sodium sulfide, 0.1 M (15 mL)
Sodium thiosulfate, 1.0 M (15 mL)
Wide-range pH test paper


□ Alligator patch cord, black
□ Alligator patch cord, red
□ Battery, 9V
□ Battery adapter, 9V
□ Beaker, polypropylene, 50 mL
□ Beaker, polypropylene, 100 mL
□ Beaker, polypropylene, 250 mL
□ Centrifuge tubes, 15 mL
□ Centrifuge tubes, 50 mL, self-standing
□ Cylinder, graduated, polypropylene, 10 mL
□ Goggles, chemical splash, w/ cap vents
□ Pipettes, polyethylene, thin-stem
□ Reaction plate, 24-well
□ Reaction plate, 96-well
□ Ruler (6”/150mm)
□ Sharpie marking pen
□ Spatula, stainless, 4”, flat/spoon
□ Stirring rod, 6” x 5mm
□ Syringe, 10 mL oral, with cap
□ Stoppers
□ Test tube brush
□ Test tube clamp
□ Test tube rack
□ Test tubes
□ Thermometer (6" in CK01B versus 12" in CK01A)
□ Wood splints

Please note: many of the materials included in the CK01B kits are hazardous if handled or used improperly. Before opening or using the kit, please take the time to read the Material Safety Data Sheets, and observe all recommended precautions and safety measures while using the kit.

Documentation and Support

Rather than include a printed manual, we provide the instruction manual for this kit in PDF format, which can be read on any computer and on most tablets, smart phones, ebook readers, and similar devices. Reading the manual requires Adobe Reader, which is already installed on most computers and other reading devices. If you need to install it, visit the Adobe Reader download page. You can copy and print all or parts of this manual as often as necessary for personal use. We recommend printing and reading each lab session before you begin the session. Use the printed material for reference as you do the session.

We also provide a PDF copy of the answer key, which provides detailed answers to the questions posed at the end of each lab session. In an attempt to keep students from "peeking", we don't make this answer key freely downloadable. Instead, we'll email you a copy when you submit your order.

For technical questions about or problems with the CK01B kit, please email us at support (at) thehomescientist (dot) com. Some questions are better handled on the phone than by email, so if possible include a phone number and the best time to call (including timezone). We generally respond to queries during business hours the same day, although responses may be delayed on weekends and holidays.

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