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About Us

The Home Scientist, LLC is Robert Bruce Thompson and Barbara Fritchman Thompson.

We've been writing books about science and technology for O'Reilly/MAKE for more than 15 years. Until 2005, we wrote about computer hardware and software. Since then, we've been writing mostly about science, and in particular about hands-on high school science for home schoolers. We've written two astronomy books (Astronomy Hacks and Illustrated Guide to Astronomical Wonders), a chemistry lab manual (Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments), a biology lab manual (Illustrated Guide to Home Biology Experiments), and a forensic science lab manual (Illustrated Guide to Home Forensic Science Experiments, to be published Autumn 2012). Over the next few years, we will do books on the other sciences at both the first-year and second-year levels.

All of our current science books have been immensely popular with homeschoolers, and over the last few years we've exchanged email with hundreds of homeschoolers. Over the years, we've heard the same thing repeated over and over: There is a crying need for affordable, rigorous, secular hands-on science lab curricula and science kits for homeschoolers. In 2009, we finally decided to do something about it. We formed The Home Scientist, LLC, and set out to design our first science kit.

We introduced that kit, the CK01 Chemistry Kit, in mid-2010, and it has proven extremely popular with homeschoolers. In April, 2012, we introduced our BK01 Biology Kit. In August, 2012, we'll begin shipping our FK01 Forensic Science Kit, in time for the autumn semester. We have more than a dozen other kits on the drawing board, which we'll be introducing over the next few years.

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